Grating Clips Tops

family_of_topsGrating Fasteners designs include a number of different tops that are assembled with the patented G-Clips bottom, ready-to-install and sized to fit many grating sizes.

G-Clips tops are available in quantities as separate units, and provide more hold-down strength than typical saddle clips. Used with a self-drilling screw, G-Clips tops provide a superior method of attaching grating, when compared to saddle clips.

These G-Clips tops are available in any quantity.

There are a variety of G-Clips tops for different applications:

Image Model Name Purpose
top1 Model GT-R
Model SSGT-R
GT-R Galvanized top fits onto almost any grating surface especially those with close bar spaces. SSGT-R model in 316-stainless steel.
top2 Model GT-W
Model SSGT-W
Galvanized carbon steel top fits 1- 3/16" c/l metal bar gratings 316 stainless steel top to fit 1-3/16" bar gratings.
top3 Model SSGT-F 316 stainless steel top is made to fit pultruded fiberglass gratings.
top4 Model SSGT-FF 316SS top fits specialty gratings on 2-3/8" bar spacing and other wide-spaced grating.
top5 Model SSGT-X 316 stainless steel top fits into either a 3/4" or 1" wide slot of any grating.
top6 Model SSGT-Y 316 stainless steel top is designed to fit 1-1/2" square-mesh fiberglass grating.
top7 Model SSGT-Z 316 stainless steel top fits into 2" square-mesh fiberglass.